Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Economic Impact Results - Summary of Chrisman Study

2006-2007 Chrisman Study
Study was based on clients that received 5+ hours of counseling during 2006-2007

  • 156 firms surveyed; 92 established firms and 54 preventure firms
  • 35.3% response rate to the mailed survey
  • 91% of respondents said that services received were beneficial
  • 94% of the responding established businesses indicated they would recommend the SBDC services to others
  • Long-term counseling clients (5+ hours) generated an estimated return of $5.23 for every tax dollar invested by the SBDC assisting those clients
  • SBDC clients’ sales grew faster 3.3 times faster
    Small businesses that received in-depth SBDC assistance experienced sales growth of 12.4% in 2006-07, compared to 3.8% for California businesses in general.
  • SBDC clients created 8 times more jobs
    Small businesses that received in-depth SBDC assistance in 2006-07 experienced over 8.6 times the job growth of average California businesses (9.1% compared to 1.1% for California businesses in general)

California-Merced SBDC makes an important contribution to the economic development of the State of California!

Estimates indicate that our SBDC clients added $7.2 million in incremental sales and 132 new jobs to the state. Furthermore, an additional $17.3 million in sales and 468 jobs were saved because of the UC Merced’s SBDC contribution.

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